Direct Donations

Hello Friends and Family of Team Danielle! And those who are friends of the friends of Team Danielle!

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Donate by Credit Card Here

At this time Tera and I have implementeddirect campaign with a straight forward appeal.  We are asking everyone to donate for Danielle Martin to receive the treatment to save her life!  We are asking  every person we know for even a $10 donation, but more is needed.  We have begun emailing, mailing, Face booking, Tweeting, Pinning, Blogging and getting the word out there any and every way we possibly can asking for money to Save Danielle.

We ask you today… Please donate to save Danielle!  You can mail a check for Danielle Martin to Tami Winbury 109 N. Blanche Street Ojai, Ca. 93023 (My Keller Williams Office).

     There is always more to do…  But we do need a team.  Many Hands Make Light Work!

     This is just the beginning!  But I know we can do this and I know we will save Danielle!

Thank you everyone!
Tami & Tera   ;) winkingT ‘n T
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