A Friend in Need

When Danielle was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer I felt (as most of you) scared, helpless and wanted to help her and her family.  I reacted by signing up to raise $2400.00 and walk the 3 Day Susan G. Komen walk in San Diego.  I walked for three days alone and in silence- The event was amazing.  But after that I decided that when I raise money I want it to go directly to the person in need.

Well, Danielle is in need and I am here to rally and gather.  I am sure you are all aware that she is fighting the battle once again.  I spoke with her recently and she is so amazing, humble, strong and positive.

The week of August 10, 2012 she flew to Reno to meet with Dr. Forsythe http://drforsythe.com . He is an oncologist, but he’s also a board certified homeopathic doctor.  He specializes in integrative oncology.  One of the best things he does is chemo sensitivity testing.  They don’t do that here, and insurance doesn’t cover it.  It will be $2400.  Your whole blood gets sent to Germany and they test different chemos on your cancer cells to see which ones (if any) actually work to kill the cancer.  This doctor also gives powerful immune boosting treatments that are for 3 weeks.  That’s the part that’s super expensive because it runs about $24,000 and she’d have to be there for 3 weeks.  Included are the immune boosting treatments, insulin therapy, supplements, and sometimes a low dose chemo (after getting results from sensitivity testing). This man is really doing some amazing work with people and Danielle and her family know he is the answer to their prayers.   There are records that indicate sometimes after only 3-4 months, people are finding that there is no evidence of cancer in their bodies!!!!!  He’s been doing this for years and years and people come to him from all over the world.  His name is Dr. Forsythe if you’d like to look him up.  So, it’s very exciting for Danielle, Bern, their four children and her family and friends~!

We need your help!  Tera Pupa and I are creating 2 fund raisers to cover as many of the expenses possible.

FirstA direct campaign.  We are asking everyone to donate!  We will be asking every person we know for even a $10 donation.  We will be emailing, mailing, Face booking, Tweeting, Pinning, Blogging and creating a Website asking for money.

SecondWe are creating a “FUN”draising Event!  We have decided to call on everyone for a fun night of Bunco!  Tentatively set for Sept 21 or 28.  Waiting for Hall confirmation.

We have two purposes for this website-

#1- To ask you to donate to save Danielle!  You can mail a check for Danielle Martin to Tami Winbury 109 N. Blanche Street Ojai, Ca. 93023.   (My Keller Williams Office).  In the next week we will have an account set up at a bank where money can be deposited directly.
#2- To ask if you have any talents in helping us plan and implement the Bunco Evening???
     We have many of the details worked out- so we just need man power.

     There is always more to do…  But we do need a team.  Many Hands Make Light Work!

     This is just the beginning!  But I know we can do this and I know we will save Danielle!

Use Pay Pal to

Donate by Credit Card Here

Thank you everyone!
Tami & Tera   ;) winkingT ‘n T
Please Call Tami Winbury 805-798-3412 to help or with questions.

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One thought on “A Friend in Need

  1. TnT, Wow, this is a wonderful thing you amazing women are doing. I will be making some hats for the Auction and will send $. You Go Girls !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Mom

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